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Forever Next Up

Forever Next Up (FNuP) was established in 2014, by Headshot_Dart. He was previously in and out of clans looking for one that had a friendly environment but decided to start his own clan, which has had great success. Among several other reasons, he primarily wanted to found a community based clan whose sole foundations were to operate with respect and have fun playing the game he loves with new friends.

Since FNuP was established, the clan has always been committed to those who are dedicated and most of all, loyal, towards the clan and its members. We always try to assist each other whether it is in the game or in real life. What we aim to achieve is a gaming environment where all members have not only fun, but a solid structured foundation upheld by our ranking structure.  Keep in mind we are a clan that places loyalty and respect above all.

We currently host tournaments to members who show their dedication towards our community. (as for now) the prizes for the tournaments are primarily provided by the management of FNuP and other members.
FNuP has gone through several changes throughout the months; however, it will always seek improvement through its members' input and through its management, a.k.a. Uppers. (Generals, Co-Founders, and Founders).

If you are interested in our clan, please contact any Officer. If they can't help you with any specific question(s) they will at least be able to direct you to someone who can.

I hope you enjoy your stay and welcome to FNuP!

How to Register on the Website

1. Display Name: Has to be your exact Gamertag

2. Email address: example

3. Password: ensure it’s something you will remember and then you will have to Re-enter the password again

4. Captcha box is next you will see a small box under Re-enter Password with a bunch of numbers you will have to enter in all numbers in the small Type the text block within the Captcha

5. You will then be prompted to enter your gamertag needs to be your exact gamertag as it is on your Xbox live account   

6. Branch is the next to last step you then need to put your branch only in this block example: Slayers  

7. Lastly you then need to click the I accept the terms of service and privacy policy block then click complete registration 

8. Upon accepting the terms and conditions you will then need to go to your email and accept the approval message to ensure you have an active email.

9. after all these set are correctly completed you will then just be awaiting approval by an administrator

Code of Conduct

All members MUST understand and abide by the following "Code of Conduct," a.k.a. CoC.

1] FNuP maintains a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, or harassment of any kind. Anyone harassing a FNuP member will be put up for removal.

2] Leaders of FNuP are responsible for organizing all aspects of the community. This includes meetings, Game Nights, practices, tournaments, etc.

3] FNuP is a family and all members will look after one another; Loyalty and Respect is huge within the clan. This is necessary in order to keep a positive gaming environment.

4] FNuP members are to follow the chain of command at all times. We ask all members to use and follow your chain of command to help keep things running smoothly and to prevent unnecessary problems within the clan itself.

The current chain of command is as follows-in order:




Clan General



5] You must always have FNuP as your clan tag at all times, nothing else.

6] FNuP members are to maintain a friendly and respectful environment towards FNuP members and Non-members. No trolling, cheating, boosting, modding, and glitching (glitching playercard, in-game glitching, etc

7] Members that become BLACK LISTED are to be removed immediately from your friend's list and they may not be played with at all or you will be removed from FnuP as well.

8] Founder has ultimate ruling.

NOTE: All members must follow the Code of Conduct. In official or "serious" situations, the first offense for members who break the code of conduct may receive a warning depending on the severity of the offense. The second offense will result in a removal from FNuP.